Monday, February 13, 2012

GTD Brain Dump List

If you are big into GTD, this is a pretty good brain dump list that I use when doing my weekly review.  I thought I would share it with those that might be interested.

1. List projects started & not completed:
• What’s on your desk?
• What’s in your drawers?
• What’s on your floor/under your desk?
• What’s behind your door?
• What’s in your briefcase or bags?
• What’s in storage boxes?
• What’s in the stacks of paper on your credenza or filing cabinet?
• What about the scraps of paper, business cards, receipts?
• What’s on your “to do” lists?
• What’s on your Post-it notes around your office or on the refrigerator?
• What’s on your “to do” lists on note pads, from meeting notes, in your calendar or journal?
• What’s in your e-mail box that needs your attention?
• What’s on your calendar from previous weeks that did not get handled (family calendar and appointment book)?

2. List projects not yet started:
• What’s on your desk?
• What’s in your drawers?
• What’s on your floor/under your desk?
• What’s behind your door?
• What’s in your briefcase or bags?
• What’s in storage boxes?
• What’s in the stacks of paper on your credenza or filing cabinet?
• What about the scraps of paper, business cards, receipts?
• What’s on your “to do” lists?
• What’s on your Post-it notes around your office or on the refrigerator?
• What’s on your “to do” lists on note pads, from meeting notes, in your calendar or journal?
• What’s in your e-mail box that needs your attention?
• What’s coming up on your calendar that needs to be handled (family calendar and appointment book)?

3. What projects are completed that need to be acknowledged as complete?
4. What commitments or promises have you made and not kept? Do you need to follow through or renegotiate? What do you need to clarify or resolve?
5. Are there people waiting for you to get back to them?
6. Are there people you are waiting to hear back from?
7. What do you need to research or look into?
8. Are there professionals or support staff waiting to hear back from you about anything?
• Lawyer
• Accountant
• Consultants
• Administrative assistant
• Other

9. What communications are incomplete?
• Phone calls
• Letters
• Cards (greeting, thank you, special event)
• Memos
• E-mails
• Faxes

10. Any important events coming up?
• Dinners
• Parties
• Receptions
• Graduations
• Weddings
• Birthdays
• Anniversaries
• Reunions (family, class, other)
• Holidays
• Cultural events
• Sporting events

11. Any writing you need to do?
• Drafts
• Reports
• Evaluations, reviews
• Proposals
• Articles
• Promotional/marketing material
• Instructions
• Summaries
• Charting (medical dictation, etc.)
• Minutes of meetings or events
• Rewrite or edit
• Status reports
• Tracking or logging of key communications or conversations
• Billing

12. Anything needing to be done around meetings?
• Anything need to be set or confirmed?
• Do you need to make reservations for transportation, meeting space, a place to stay?
• Do you need to request a meeting from someone?
• Do you need to prepare anything for meetings?
• Debrief of meetings already had?
• Actions or commitments agreed to?
• Any tracking or recording needed?

13. Any read and review needed?
• Documents
• Articles
• Books/publications
• Updates, memos
• Peer review

14. Anything needing attention with financial aspects?
• Accounts
• Cash/cash flow
• Budgets
• Balance sheets
• Assets
• Profit & loss
• Forecasting
• Credit/credit lines
• Loans/mortgages
• Taxes
• Insurance
• Payables
• Billing
• Receivables
• Petty cash
• Banks/bankers
• Investments
• Expense reimbursement or tracking expenses for tax deductions
• Allowance for kids
• College fund

15. Anything you need to do in the area of planning & organizing?
• Long-term goals
• Short-term goals
• Setting up an effective system for processing and managing paper flow
• Contact management
• Targets/objectives
• Business plans/business planning
• Marketing plans
• Financial planning
• Event planning
• Presentations, meetings
• Conferences
• Organizing space:
• Main living areas
• Main working areas
• On-site storage (garage, attic, storage rooms)
• Off-site storage (rented storage space)
• Organizing collections (videos, slides, photos, CDs, cassettes, records, etc.)
• Organizing paper (reference files and action/tickler files)

16. What about travel & vacation planning?
• Gathering ideas & information
• Making reservations
• Arranging for things to be handled while you’re away (coverage at work, house-sitter for pets, holding the mail and newspaper, etc.)
• Documents such as Passport or Visa up-to-date?

17. Anything needing attention about your organization or company?
• Organizational chart
• Lines of authority
• Job descriptions
• Restructuring the organization
• Anything about facilities
• New systems
• Change initiatives
• Leadership
• Succession planning
• Administrative things
• Legal issues
• Forms
• Procedures or instruction manual
• Insurance issues
• Personnel issues
• Staffing – hiring & firing
• Reviews
• Policies & procedures
• Training & education (self & others)
• Staff development
• Compensation -- salary & benefits
• Communication about or with staff
• Morale
• Feedback
• Evaluations
• Rewards/awards
• Acknowledgements
• Corrective action

18. Anything needing your attention with sales & marketing?
• Customers/clients/patients
• Prospective customers/clients/patients
• Lead generation
• Sales process
• Sales training
• Relationship-building
• Sales or status reporting
• Tracking
• Customer service
• Promotional campaigns
• Promotional materials
• Public relations
• Image of organization

19. Are you waiting for anything?
• Information you have requested
• Things you have delegated to others – projects, tasks
• Replies to communications, proposals
• Answers to questions
• Reimbursements or rebates you’ve submitted
• Orders you’ve placed but not received – tickets, products, supplies, equipment

20. Anything you want to do around professional development?
• Seminars/workshops
• Things to learn
• Skills you want to develop or improve on
• Books or journals you want to read
• Subscriptions – subscribe or unsubscribe
• Research on things you want to look into
• Certifications
• Formal education/degrees
• Courses
• Career planning
• Revise resume/CV
• Professional wardrobe
• Professional gear you need
• Organizational systems for your office
• Other ____________________
• Other ____________________
• Other ____________________

21. Any attention needed for volunteer/civic work, projects, or stewardship?
• Service clubs
• Church/synagogue
• Professional organizations/associations you belong to
• Community organizations/non-profits
• School programs
• Contributions
• Planned/Deferred Giving (wills, trusts, etc.)
• Care for the environment (recycling, etc.)
• Other ____________________
• Other ____________________
• Other ____________________

22. Any attention you want to pay to professional and personal relationships?
• Spouse/significant other
• Children
• Parents
• Other family
• Friends
• Pets
• Co-workers/peers
• Other professionals in your industry
• Professionals in other industries you want to connect with
• Counselors
• Consultants
• Coaches
• Other ____________________
• Other ____________________
• Other ____________________
• Other ____________________
• Other ____________________
• Other ____________________
• Other ____________________

23. Anything in your physical environment in need of repair, remodel/update, replacement?
• Computer software – upgrade, update downloads
• Computer hardware
• Printers
• Electronic equipment
• Office equipment
• Appliances
• Entertainment (TV, VCR, stereo, etc.)
• Tools
• Construction/remodeling/repairs
• Heating/air conditioning
• Air quality/ventilation
• Plumbing
• Electricity/wiring
• Landscaping
• Driveways, sidewalks
• Roofing
• Walls, flooring, ceilings
• D├ęcor/fixtures
• Furniture
• Lighting
• Signage
• Phones
• Databases
• Faxes
• Filing systems
• Archives/storage
• Supplies
• Business cards
• Letterhead/envelopes/stationery

24. Do any legal aspects of your life need attention?
• Will/Living Will
• Trusts
• Documents
• Contracts/deeds
• Agreements
• Power of Attorney
• Licenses (business, professional, sporting)

25. Have you loaned anything to anyone who has not returned it?
• Books/publications
• Tools
• Equipment
• Teaching materials (slides, overheads, etc.)

26. Do you need to return anything to anyone you have borrowed something from?
• Books/publications
• Tools
• Equipment
• Teaching materials (slides, overheads, etc.)

27. How about self-care activities?
• Exercise
• Health (doctor, dentist, optometrist, health practitioners, etc.)
• Recreation & sports
• Entertainment
• Hobbies (sewing, knitting, woodwork, building, etc.)
• Diet
• Creative expressions (art, music, photography, etc.)
• Counseling
• Coaching
• Spiritual renewal
• Rest & relaxation/stress reduction
• Books to read
• Music/videos to listen to/view
• Personal development (classes, workshops, seminars, education)

28. Any concerns about transportation (purchase, repair, renew lease, etc.)?
• Car/truck
• Bike/motorcycle
• Commuting
• Repair
• Purchase or lease options
• Insurance coverage

29. Does your wardrobe effectively support your activities in the comfort and style you desire? Does it fit? Is it in style? Does anything need repair?
• Work
• Leisure/loungewear
• Formal wear
• Hobbies
• Sports
• Accessories
• Luggage (purse, briefcase, suitcases, carry-on travel cases, etc.)

30. Any errands you want to run? Purchases you want to make? Shopping or Web surfing you want to do?
• Hardware store
• Pharmacy
• Grocery store
• Bank
• Cleaner
• Stationery/office supply
• Mall
• Gifts
• Software & hardware
• Health food store

31. As you walk around your home and work space, do you notice anything that you have attention on which needs to be different than it is right now?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Shot at 30 Days & More

So I sort of abandoned the blog a while back for no good reason other than the fact that it felt too much like work.  I was only really writing about one topic and really just got boring.  As of late, there have been a lot of things I would like to write about and didn't really have a place to post them.

I decided to re-visit using the blog to solve this issue.  I am not going to write about one particular topic, but instead will write about whatever interests me at the time.  Feel free to subscribe to the blog if you like what you read or don't if you are not interested.

30 Days

So with some inspiration from Matt Cutts at Google, I have decided to participate in a 30 day challenge.  They say if you can do something for 30 days, you can make it a habit.  My 30 day challenge, which started on January 21, is to stretch for 15 minutes everyday for the next 30 days.  This is especially important for me due to the fact that I have some back issues that can be pretty painful at times.

Hopefully this well help with some of those issue as well as improve my overall health.  Have you participated in a 30 day challenge?  If so, what did you do and how was the overall experience?  I will provide updates throughout the month to make sure that I am doing it daily.  So far, I am two for two.

Take care,

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Five Blazers Under $200

Brushed cotton two-button blazer $198

Tasso Elba Sport Coat $199

Wool-blend blazer


Kenneth Cole New York
Two-Button Hacking Notch Jacket $198

Thursday, November 19, 2009

How to Take Care of Your Skin

There is a good article over at Skin Care Reviews on how men should take care of their skin.  Here is a quick run down of the article:

Tip #1 - Clean Your Face
Tip #2 - Learn About Your Skin Type
Tip #3 - Shave Carefully
Tip #4 - Use a Toner
Tip #5 - Always Moisturize Your Face

You can read the full article here.