Thursday, October 30, 2008

Beatles Video: 44 years old

This Beatles video from a concert in 1964 in Kansas City. It is believed to be the only video from this concert. It is in color but there is now sound. You can read more of the article here and the video is below.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

PhoneTag is a service that will take an incoming voicemail to your cell phone and transcribe it to an email/text message form and send it to you instantly. It looks really slick. There are three different subscription methods. You can subscribe per message which is 35 cents per message. You can also buy a block of 40 which is $9.95 a month. You can also choose the unlimited option which is $29.95 a month.

I think this could be very useful to the business traveler who attends a lot of meetings and/or receives a lot of calls. You can sign up for a one week free trial by going here.

FlickrDown lets you archive all your Flickr photos | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone - CNET

For those who use Flickr, FlickrDown will allow you to pull all of you pictures down from Flickr in case you lose a hard drive. It is a pretty small app and will be really useful to those who have a catastrophe.

New Xbox Experience videos let you vicariously play dress up - Engadget

Engadget has a pretty good post on the new XBOX Live that is going to be released on November 19. I think it looks pretty cool and will be good for the platform. Currently, I only have a 64MB memory card so I am going to have to upgrade to either a bigger memory card or add the hard drive. The hard drive is recommended for the best experience. You can check out the article here.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why to start a startup in a bad economy

This is a really good video blog post from Kevin Rose of over at his site. I thought it gave some good insight.

Why to start a new startup in a bad

Where have the R-rated Comedys Gone?

I started thinking the other day that the day of the R-rated comedy seems to be non-existent. Back in the day, you had movies like Porky's that were just hilarious. Now it seems like every comedy that comes out is PG-13 which usually makes the movie suck. You will occasionally see a good one every so often but not near as often as you would back in the 80s.

I am not sure if any one else feels the same, but I think it needs to change. Your thoughts?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Top Six 1980s Sitcoms

I am in my late 20's and was thinking the other day about all of the sitcoms I used to watch when I was growing up as well as the ones I started watching in syndication as I got older. So I decided to come up with my top six list of 1980s sitcoms. Here is how I would rank them:

6. Cheers

The regulars of the Boston bar Cheers share their experiences and lives with each other while drinking or working at the bar where everybody knows your name. I started watching episodes of this in syndication and didn't really like it at first, but it kind of grew on me.

5. Family Ties

A couple who were ardently leftwing political activists in the sixties face the problems of raising a family with children who have strongly conservative views. I always liked how Alex new so much about politics at a young age. It was pretty funny.

4. Who's the Boss

Former major-leaguer Tony Micelli and his daughter Samantha arrive at the Connecticut household of executive Angela Bower, where Tony has taken a job as live-in housekeeper. The Bowers are an interesting family, to say the least. Angela is uptight and obsessed with her work. Her son Jonathan is shy and lacks self-esteem, and her mother, Mona, is a man-hungry vixen. Tony soon wins them over with his laid back style, and the Bowers soon begin to loosen up. Over time, romantic tensions begin to surface between Angela and Tony, and we see the children grow up. I still watch this when ever I can catch it on or even on

3. Mama's Family

Thelma Harper and her spinster sister Fran open their home to Thelma's recently divorced son Vinton and his teenage son and daughter. It's quite an adjustment for everyone, especially the cranky, argumentative Thelma. I think I liked this so much because it reminded me of growing up for some reason. Don't really know why but it does. I love Thelma's sarcasm.

2. The Cosby Show

Long-running popular comedy television series about the Huxtable family. Doctor Heathcliff Huxtable and Clair Huxtable, a happily married couple, are raising their children (Sondra, Denise, Theodore, Vanessa, and Rudy). The two oldest daughters eventually live successful adult lives and get married (Sondra to Elvin and Denise to Martin). As the children get older, the family gets larger and, to the chagrin of Cliff, keep on coming back home when he wants them to move out and live on their own for good. I watched this show almost every day throughout college. It was on multiple channels at the time which allowed me to catch up on episodes.

1. Three's Company

Janet and Chrissy get Jack as a roommate for their San Diego apartment. Jack can cook (he's studying to be a chef) and, when called to do so, pretends he's gay to legitimize the arrangement. Landlady Roper wishes husband Stanley showed more interest in her. While this actually started in '77 it ran through the mid-80s. John Ritter was absolutely hilarious.

Arm Wrestling

Real arm wrestling has nothing on XARM wrestling. This is probably the dumbest "sport" I have ever seen

Korean Baseball Fight

This is very weird. I am really not sure what the point of it is but the players and the crowd seem to be into it. Very odd!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bird poops in reporter's mouth on live TV

What was this guy thinking looking up after a bird shit on him?

Obama Heckler At Palin Event

Some people are just idiots. Here is the description from for this video. I just can't believe how dumb some people are.

"A man brought a stuffed monkey doll wearing an Obama sticker to a Palin campaign event in Johnstown, Pa. Realizing he was caught on camera, he passed it off to a child he didn't know."

Watch CBS Videos Online

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Filibo: 6 Must Have Applications For Windows Mobile

I ran across this list of application for windows mobile devices at As a WM6 user, I found it pretty useful. Check it out here.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain doesn't shake Obama's Hand

I am surprised that he would do that on national TV with everyone examining your every move. See for yourself.

Sarah Palin a Garbage Pail Kid?

I used to love the garbage pail kid cards when I was younger. I thought this was funny :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ford feature will let parents set limits for teens (AP) by AP: Yahoo! Tech

For those of you who have teen drivers, this is a really cool feature. The feature will be called "MyKey" and you will be able to limit the speed of the car as well as the volume of the radio. This will be available on 2010 Ford cars and trucks. You will be able to limit the speed to 80 mph. Also, you will be able to have a continuous sound go off if they do not put on their seat belt.

You can read the entire article here.

Palin/Biden on SNL

More funny stuff from the political debates...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wierd Old Print Ads

Hey can smoke like Santa...Really?

This is kind of creepy. A 1979 Pakistan Airline Ad.

You have to love the old cigarette ads. Wow!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sarah Palin Explains Why Women Should Be Forced To Bear Their Rapists' Babies

I can't believe that they let her talk to the media......

Watch Man Age Over 17 Years

Watch Man Age 17 Years

This guy has taken a picture of himself almost everyday for the last 17 years. The video shows how he has aged over years. Check out the video.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Simply GTD with Kelly: How often should you check email?

For you GTD followers out there, this a good article regarding how often you should check your email and the factors your should consider. This is something I use to battle but have a pretty good routine now. I typically check it once in the morning about an hour after I get to work and then triage it throughout the day. I will then process it to zero before going home for the day. I use the hour when I first get to work to deal with any outstanding issues that might have occured overnight. I have found that this works fairly well for me. Some days might differ slightly depending on what is going on, but as a general rule I try to follow this.

Microsoft to drop support for Office 2003 SP2

For those of you out there still using Office 2003, you will want to upgrade past service pack 2 if you haven't done so already. They will not support it after October 14, 2008. All future security updates will be for service pack 3.